"The Great Old Ones" is an actual play podcast using Roll20.com and Paizo Publishing Pathfinder role playing system.

"The Great Old Ones" is a campaign set in the Home Brew world of MYA, a land of folklore and myth. It focuses on a group of adventurers who are all coming out of retirement to answer the call of adventure. 

These retired warriors are enlisted by a young cleric who was sent out from a nearby kingdom at the request of a small girl. This small girl is believed to be possessed by a being calling itself "Hagrath, The Lord of Chains" and insists that the party is the only thing that can save MYA from total destruction. 

Tune in and learn what makes even the kings of hell quake and what ties to this cosmic mystery these aged explorers have. 

"The Great Old Ones" Theme Song created by

Tyler Crook

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