Our Current Pod Cast Lineup

March 20, 2018

Old Magic Gaming currently has two Actual Play podcasts in production. Both are being run by Anton Kromoff and sound edited by the amazingly talented Jim Dietz.


The games are as follows... 



"The Great Old Ones"

An actual play podcast set in the home brew campaign world known as MYA. The game world has been played in and evolving since the early 1990's and has seen over 200 player characters and about half as many actual players. It's a world that focuses heavily on folklore and hidden gods, ancient artifacts and even older mysteries. While it has been applied to a multitude of systems ranging from AD&D to RIFT to D&D3, the current system being played is Pathfinder, by Paizo Publishing, with Home Brew modifications.


"The Great Old Ones" party is comprised of new players and veteran gamers, each of which brings a unique and exciting style of roleplaying to the table. The party are playing a group of adventures who retired in an idyllic village before they peaked. Now, many years after they started and have been enjoying a quiet life, a bumbling priest arrived at the local ale house and regaled them with an insane story. 


The priest informed the party that a being inhabiting a small child and calling itself  "Hagrath, The Lord of Chains" had asked for each of them by name. Furthermore, the priest went on to tell the party that "Hagrath, The Lord of Chains" was a demon lord, and was in need of their help, as an even greater danger to the world was looming just beyond the stars and that their arrival would spell the end of MYA as everyone knew it. 


So the party geared up, and came out of retirement to travel to a nearby kingdom to meet this Demon Lord and see why exactly these unknown adventurers are being recruited to save the world. 



Heavy Gigs in Seaside City

An actual play podcast set in the homebrew campaign world known as Seaside City, it uses the Monkey Fun Studios Spirit of '77 role playing system with some light modification when it serves the story. The system pushes storytelling and roleplaying over maps and miniatures, and dice rolls take a backseat to gameplay.


Heavy Gigs in Seaside City focuses on a group of "B-Sides", Heroes for Hire who live and work in the fictional Seaside City, but when they are called upon by the enigmatic radio station KBOM they leap into action helping those in need... or those who can pay well enough to keep them in the lifestyles they are accustomed to. 


Werewolf caterers, Samurai Chefs, and Robot Arm Keytar Musicians are but a few of the denizens of the bombastic Seaside City. Each turn is an opportunity for high octane adventure blending cosmic horror, 70's exploitation films, and science fiction into a mixed drink that goes down smooth but has one heck of a kick. 


Presented in a radio play format, Heavy Gigs in Seaside City is sure to please life-long gamers, or just fans of fun storytelling. 









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