Crown of Queens is an actual play podcast using and Paizo Publishing Pathfinder role playing system.


Crown of Queens is a campaign set in the Home Brew world of MYA, a land of folklore and myth. It focuses on a group of adventurers who are all coming out of retirement to answer the call of adventure. 

220 years after they were erected, the magical wards drop around the walled city of Ma'real, and its inhabitance once more wander out into MYA. In this time of change our party finds themselves in the business of exploration and tomb robbing.


Dotted through the Dune Sea, a desert landscape that stretches for weeks in all directions, the party will explore fallen cities and lost civilizations in the hopes of great riches, power, and glory. 

Hidden covens of Hags, armies of Djin, terrifying monsters, and occult mysteries lurk just under the dunes. 

Tune in and learn the secrets of the fallen empires of elves, the truth behind "The Great Sickness", and the words of power that hold reality in its sway. 

Welcome to The Crown of Queens.

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