Old Magic Gaming is a melting pot of players and creators who work with us across our various games and projects. This page is where we like to showcase those players and creators so you can keep up with them and their personal projects. 

Players and Contributors 

Anton Kromoff

Founder & Storyteller

Husband, Comic Creator, Writer, Published RPG Creator, Graphic Designer. I have been running various forms of table top games for over 20 years. Storytelling, writing, and content creation are passions of mine. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for visiting this site and I implore you to please check out all the amazing players and contributors. They are epic and without them the adventures would never come alive.

Gratziella - Crown of Queens

Vanessa is a voice actress living in Los Angeles, where she often talks to herself in funny voices in a closet. In her spare time she co-hosts the spooky and boozy Boos and Brews podcast, and likes to go galavanting off to random places around the world, which usually also involves ghosts and beer. 

Nydia - "The Great Old Ones"

Show Sound Designer and Editor

Ogun - "The Great Old Ones"

Raevi - "The Great Old Ones"

Taneka plays Raevi the Magus Librarian in "The Great Old Ones". Taneka writes the webcomics "Full Circle" and Love Circuits" as well as the Eisner-nominated webcomic, "Deja Brew." Taneka has edited a few comics anthologies including most recently the award-winning "Beyond: The Queer Sci-Fi and Fantasy Comic Anthology". 

Ma'at plays Nydia the Hag Witch in 'The Great Old Ones". Out side of MYA she is a writer & artist of Adventurers League D&D adventures & sweet comics. Search her name on the DM's Guild

Johnny - "Heavy Gigs..."

Plerion - Crown of Queens

Jim plays Ogun The Anvil, a cleric of The Forge God Clang in "The Great Old Ones". He also plays Johnny Sparks "The Rocker with The Robot Arm" in "Heavy Gigs in Seaside City". Off the table he is Old Magic Gamings sound designer and editor. On top of these amazing skills he is an accomplished Chef and Co-Host/Producer HHWLOD Podcast Network. 

Matevus - "The Great Old Ones"

"The Baron" - Crown of Queens

Matt G. plays Matevus the Vanara Samurai in "The Great Old Ones". Quick with a blade and wary of everyone. Outside of MYA Matt G. is a Freelance animator who specialises in 2D Drawn and cutout animation. He also has an interests in the comic industry.

 Allagahn - "The Great Old Ones"

Emmeric - Crown of Queens

 Logoth - "The Great Old Ones"

Matt Allen or "Matty" plays Allagahn the Gnome Sorcerer in "The Great Old Ones". Outside of MYA Matt reviews beer and various aspects of pop culture on his youtube channel. As one of the original players in MYA his gaming experience is very

valuable to the party.

Jon-Micheal plays Logoth the cleric with the arm of bone in "The Great Old Ones". Returning to MYA after over a decade he has picked up the mantle of his near mythical character. When he is not playing at the table he can be found working in Hawaii.   

Charming Illustrator

Garglin - Crown of Queens

Illustrator. Dungeon Master. Charming malcontent. Not necessarily in that order.

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